Ted Cruz Stands His Ground in Texas

On Tuesday, Ted Cruz and the Good People of Texas rose up to defend conservative values against Beto O’Rourke’s extreme progressive ideas as well as the powerful monetary force that backed him. The Senate Election was uncomfortably close for everyone. Fresh from the fight, Ted Cruz gave his victory speech with great exuberance and relief, because it was that close.

We saw an assault that was unprecedented. We saw a $100 million race, with Hollywood coming in against the state, with the national media coming in against the state. All the money in the world was no match for the good people of Texas and the hard-working men and women across our state.

Money and attention are no match for common sense conservatism. Texans know that low taxes and lots of jobs are what they are.  And securing the border only makes sense.

Texas saw something… This election was a battle of ideas. A contest for who we are and what we believe. It was a contest, and the people of Texas decided this race.

Reminiscent of Jeremiah 29:11, Ted Cruz spoke of hope. “This was an election about hope and the future. We want a future with more jobs, more security, more freedom.”

In his victory speech, Ted Cruz asked the Good People of Texas to continue disagreeing with the opposition with grace, respecting all humanity, treating others the way we would like to be treated. In other words, Conservatives, do as you have always done. Set an example for the opposition to follow. Take the high road. Be a force for Good. Stay Red.