Captain Obvious Fires Zappone, Ireland’s Minister For Children

Ireland’s Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Katherine Zappone, doesn’t believe an unborn baby is human but that a fetus has only the potential for human life. So what kind of “fetus” is it? Because a fetus intrinsically has a species classification (which is a Classification of Living Things) and not just the potential for it. So the antithesis of  life would be death, and that is not what is in the womb, except when a “fetus” is aborted–and then it is death and not just the potential for it. Zappone’s pro-abortion argument indicates profound ignorance. And yet, Zappone was educated at Jesuit-run Boston College, The Catholic University of America and University College Dublin (formerly the Catholic University of Ireland). Her wife was Ann Louise Gilligan (deceased), an ex-nun and pro-abortion theologian who once taught at St. Patrick’s College in Dublin. (And I don’t really want to research Zappone’s life any further.)

Captain Obvious decides to home-school his children, effective immediately.