Afghanistan Bears With Terrorists and Squatters

Afghanistan takes another blow to its humanity with the Taliban’s latest insidious attack on Saturday. An ambulance with the pretense of transporting a patient was used to get past an initial security checkpoint and exploded at the second on a crowded street in Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul. At least 95 people have died, 158 others are injured, and the rest of the world witnesses the Taliban’s relentless and total disregard of human life, human achievement, human potential.

In the last year, 10,000 of Afghanistan’s security forces have been killed while fighting the political and diabolical cult that is the Taliban. The impact of President Ashraf Ghani’s failing security efforts are compounded by a fired governor who refuses to leave his post of 13 years, undermining the president’s authority and further dividing the country. Back in 2015, Atta Muhammad Noor, then Governor of the northern Balkh Province, spoke of his grandiose aspirations:

I would like to be involved in the strategic decision-making of the country. I would like to run in presidential, parliamentary, and provincial elections. I’ve been a governor for a long time, and I don’t have the same desire as before. I agreed with the National Unity Government that they should appoint me as governor, and afterward I would decide which job I would choose. But I don’t want to be removed as governor as a result of some post-electoral games. I don’t want to stay for long. I will choose another position for myself.

In corrupt societies, instability is an ideal condition and key in commandeering power. Noor has a history of scheming against President Ghani, but he once agreed to resign under favorable conditions, including financial perks and appointments for members of his party, the Jamiat – i – Islami party. The manipulative move was rejected. One gets the impression that all “negotiations” with Noor are favorable only to himself, and squatting in the governor’s office is his leverage.

Noor has been critical of policies and security efforts at the national level. If his intentions were pure, he would be offering viable security solutions. For now, it seems he is unable to put his opportunistic nature aside and prove himself worthy of serving the people of Afghanistan.