ISIS, You Don’t Know Your Enemy


Christianity and suffering are paradoxical; you will never understand what you are fighting against. You plot the suffering and death of non-Muslims and Muslims alike. Try to understand that when you attack Christians, you are strengthening and growing Christianity. You cannot annihilate Christians. Suffering is a crown that Christians wear. When Jesus, the Son of God, became man, conversely we became adopted children of God. Jesus died on the cross as an offering to God for the sins of men. From the cross, Jesus gave power and meaning to our suffering; and like Jesus, we offer our suffering to God. We are empowered by our suffering, our sacrifice.

Kindness is strength. Suffering is power. The scourged, mocked, crucified Jesus conquered death.

By killing Christians, you will only be sowing the seeds of Christianity (Tertullian). Christian martyrdom only spreads the faith. (Christian martyrdom is very different from your insane suicidal missions–I mean your “martyrdom.” Stop while I spew.) For example, the Ethiopian and Coptic Christians whom you killed in Libya are heroes to be remembered and honored by the Church until the end of time. They have inspired many by their example. Their love of God gave them strength to refuse to renounce their faith in the face of persecution and death. The Ethiopian and Coptic Christians chose Light when you thought they chose humiliation and death. Again, the paradox that is Christianity.

No person of God will opt for your heinous perversion of religion and politics.

The Christian and Yazidi women whom you torment are so close to God. When they die, God will wrap them in His Love and Peace, and the Holy Spirit will spare them the memories of you. You have chosen to abuse the free will that God has given you in many disturbing ways, including abusing God’s creation, God’s women. He designed women and you abuse them through that very design. You are not of God. You are of the darkness, the darkness that hates mankind, the darkness that mocks women, the mothers of mankind. You are of Satan. Christians do not fear Satan. We know our enemy, and knowledge is power. We have the Holy Spirit who infuses that knowledge and guides us on our paths to God. You will face and fear Satan at the end of your lives’ journeys. Christians are not your enemy.

To whom are you really addressing your prayers?

You were children once. You were babies once, lovely, little newborns. May the Spirit of God convict your souls, and may you turn towards Him with contrite hearts. There is no limit to God’s mercy. May the day come when you ask for it.


Almighty God, guide the military forces from the West.