Captain Obvious Fires John Kerry

While Secretary of State John Kerry splits hairs worrying about the legal ramifications of using the term “genocide” to describe the atrocities committed by ISIS against Christians, Yazidis and other minorities in the Middle East, I wonder if John Kerry cuts his own meat at the dinner table or do lobbyists do it for him. (He did sign the United Nations Gun Ban Treaty; maybe he’s against knives, too.)

If using the term “genocide” means the US would be obligated to take action to stop the insanity, so be it. Why the hesitation? Maybe genocide will draw attention away from climate change? The Left doesn’t want to lose any ground there. Oh, and there’s an election coming up too. Campaigns and politics are always considered first and foremost before saving people’s lives. (Right, Hillary?) Hey, we’re talking about the guy who brokered the Iran nuclear deal despite Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s disapproval and warning. Now Kerry’s got a problem with words?  Genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity.

“I have asked for further evaluation based on what I’ve heard in order to test against the law some of my own perceptions and evaluations and see where we come out,” said Kerry.

Whaaaa???  John Kerry has been called the “Energizer bunny of diplomacy,” but I’m thinking he’s more like a rodent of relativism. John Kerry has lost sense of Truth and Genocide.